Bald Headed End of the Broom

from by SaltyPaws



Song from the 19th century, made famous by Grandpa Jones.


[G]Oh love it [D7] is a [G] funny funny thing
It affects both [D7] young [G] and old
Like a [D7] plate of [G] boarding-house hash
To [C] many a [D7] man it's [G] sold

Makes you feel like a fresh water eel
Causes your head to swell
You will lose your mind 'cause love is blind
It'll empty your pocketbook as well

Chorus :
[G]Boys I say from the [C] girls keep away! [G] Give them plenty of [D7] room
[G]When you're [D7] wed they'll [G] hit you on the [C] head
with the [G] bald-headed [D7] end of the [G] broom.

When a man is in love with a pretty little girl
He will talk to her as gentle as a dove
He'll give her all his money and he'll call her honey
To prove that he's solid in love.

When the money's all spent and you can't pay the rent
You'll find what this story means:
It doesn't matter if you like it or not,
For every meal she serves you beans.

With a wife and fifteen half-starved kids
You will find that it is no fun
When the butcher comes around to collect his bill
With a dog and a double-barreled gun

A screaming baby on each knee
and a wife with a plaster on her nose
You'll find true love don't run very smooth
When you have to wear second-hand clothes.

So now my boys take my advice
Don't be in a hurry for to wed
You'll think you're in clover till the honeymoon is over
Then you'll wish you was dead

Boys I say from the girls, keep away.
Give them plenty of room.
When you're wed they'll beat you till you're dead,
With a bald-headed end of the broom.


from Live Bait, released November 13, 2015



all rights reserved


SaltyPaws Green Cove Springs, Florida

When you think of wandering minstrels, do you ever think they might live on a boat? SaltyPaws is a sailing acoustic duo, living aboard their catamaran, sailing and singing the Atlantic eastern seaboard. You'll hear guitar and 5 string banjo, spiced with harmonica and concertina. Wherever the boat is in port, you'll find Bentley and Jim joining a jam, at an open mic, or busking a street corner. ... more

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