Stand With Me, Boys

by SaltyPaws

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Big thanks to the Blarney Rebel Band and Mark Sisti for this great sea song.


(Mark Sisti)
We sailed out from the island the way we have for years
The sea was calm the sun was bright the sky was blue and clear
It’s a lovely day to sail I said looking to the sea
But captain he just frowned and said those clouds they worry me
We’d been at sea for two days when the winds they turned around
The sky turned black the thunder cracked the rain came crashing down
We cannot see the shoreline, we’ve got no place to run
We’ll have to ride it out right here until the storm is done
And it’s stand with me boys Though the wind blows bitter cold
Or the sea will claim your body as the devil claims your soul
The first mate says to me it’s just two weeks since I wed
Mary begged me not to sail, not to leave my wedding bed
And I’m not afraid of dying It holds no fear for me
But I’d rather not go down below in another sailor’s sea
Just then we heard the bells, saw the lighthouse through the haze
we struggled for the distant shore as the lightning brightly blazed
We stumbled to the port and we kissed the solid ground
As the final man set foot on land the brave old ship went down
We sought the lighthouse keeper so that we could thank the man
They said, the keeper died this morn, just as the storm began.
There’s been no one to shine the light, no one to ring the bell
I guess someone wants you here more than they wanted you in hell


released May 17, 2013



all rights reserved


SaltyPaws Green Cove Springs, Florida

When you think of wandering minstrels, do you ever think they might live on a boat? SaltyPaws is a sailing acoustic duo, living aboard their catamaran, sailing and singing the Atlantic eastern seaboard. You'll hear guitar and 5 string banjo, spiced with harmonica and concertina. Wherever the boat is in port, you'll find Bentley and Jim joining a jam, at an open mic, or busking a street corner. ... more

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